East Coast

Key Dates

Regional Heat

June 11, 2021

War Memorial Theatre

Regional Finals

July 2, 2021 7:00 PM

Lawson Field Theatre

Video Submission Deadline


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Registrations close:
Showquest - March 12
Toi - April 9
OnScreen - July 30

regional results

2020 results

1st place band - The Arcade (Gisborne Girls' High School)
2nd place band - Dusk (Gisborne Girls' High School)
3rd place band - 2K Rhythm (Tolaga Bay Area School)

1st place solo/duo - Keira (Gisborne Girls' High School)
2nd place solo/duo - Johelonn (Gisborne Girls' High School)

Smokefree Tangata Beats - Sixth Sense (Gisborne Girls' High School)
Musicianship Award - Harlem Whitehead of Low Key Vibes (Tolaga Bay Area School)
Musicianship Award - Sam Florence of Rabbits (Lytton High School)
Smokefree Best Vocals Award - Johelonn Toroa-Taare of Sixth Sense (Gisborne Girls' High School)
APRA Lyric Award - Ruby Aitkenhead and Ella Whibley for 'Round and Round' (Gisborne Girls High School)
ZM Best Song Award- Blumen for 'Try' (Gisborne Girls' High School)

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We’re all about making this process as straightforward and smooth sailing as possible for you. We are just a phone call or email away if you have any questions!

How it works

It says it in the title! Here you’ll find a step by step guide to how region-wide and nation-wide aspects of the programme works

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Event Info

Here you’ll find 2021 dates, the team behind Smokefreerockquest, history (including past winners and where they're from!), and FAQs

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Check out the awards up for grabs at our regional and national Smokefreerockquest events. Along with the placings for the top bands and solo/duos, we also have songwriting and musicianships awards.

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